Back to Bhitarkanika.

Last month saw me back at the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha. In a rather sad turn of events my Big camera was indisposed and couldn’t make the trip with me. Nonetheless the weather was delightful and the spirit revived. Here are some phone camera photos of my trip! 


Sunbeams in a dense forest are quite fantastical © Nisha D’Souza


Could almost nap in one of these, they look so cosy © Nisha D’Souza


The IUCN expeditionary force was rewarded for walking 14 kilometres through the mangroves by the Bhitarkanika heronry by magical dawn reflections in the still wetlands. It was like the whole world had gone topsy-turvy © Nisha D’Souza


Sunrises in Bhitarkanika never disappoint © Nisha D’Souza


When we initially spotted this guy crossing the road outside the National Park we thought he might be a hologram – it’s quite rare and awesome to spot a chameleon. © Nisha D’Souza


A magnificent piece of tail © Nisha D’Souza


During a spectacular piece of evening many a toad and frog were met (and the sledded skin of a krait found right near our cabin!) © Nisha D’Souza


The skeleton of this 22 foot long giant is perfectly preserved at the museum within the national park. Saw a few of his live compatriots too © Nisha D’Souza


The Dangmal jetty © Nisha D’Souza


The first harvest from one of the projects vegetable gardens to be transformed into edible goodness © Nisha D’Souza



2 thoughts on “Back to Bhitarkanika.

  1. Vivid! The intrepid explorer’s eye more than makes up for the Big camera’s absence. Still chuckling over that truly magnificent piece of tail…and the yogic attitude of green contemplation at the other end :)

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