Conversations on Melbourne often revolve around its inclement weather. Without doubt, it is bewildering the number of seasons the city can experience in a single day. On one particularly memorable trip, I was pelted by hailstones, shortly after which a scorching sun gifted me with awful sunburn to worsen my bruises, and a pigeon pooped down the back of my neck. 

Luckily, Melbourne is dotted with numerous abodes serving gastronomical delights from around the world, within which to take refuge. Melbourne’s cafes are the rosy-cheeked, aproned housekeeper that welcomes you out of the winter chill, seats you near the fireplace, and fills your belly with baked deliciousness and content. They are bred for the hipster brunch and coffee cultures that you secretly always wanted to be part off. Incidentally, I have determined, through non-scientific means, that too much coffee can make you see sounds.

Such. delicious. breakfasts. © Nisha DSouza


The perfect combination of coffee and art, found along Degraves Street © Nisha D'Souza
The perfect combination of coffee and art, found along Degraves Street © Nisha DSouza


Bright colors on an otherwise gloomy day near Clemetines © Nisha D'Souza
Bright colours on an otherwise gloomy day near Clemetines © Nisha DSouza

If, on the other hand, you do manage to stay on the streets and soak in Melbourne’s unique urban culture, you soon realize why she is one of the world’s greatest street art capitals. The city has designated streets for lawful artistic expression, that form a labyrinth of colourful artwork. Melbourne’s most vibrant discussions, the essence of her zeitgeist, are expressed along her tiny cobbled streets. Innocently trotting around you never know when you might be a hit with the ingeniousness of human creativity. Ever-changing graffiti messages sing out in bright colors and mesmerizing graphics, sprinkled with humor, oddity and soul. It feels much the same as what I suppose walking in orbit of Willy Wonka’s imagination would feel like. My feet (in no particular order) led me through Degraves Street, ACDC, Hoiser and Rutledge Lanes, and ended at Flinders street station. 

Explosions of colour on Hosier Lane © Nisha DSouza


Hosier and Rutledge Lane, opposite Federation Square, is a much celebrated and frequented landmark, and was featured on Season 2 of the Australian Master Chef. Who wouldn’t want to throw their garbage in these bins! © Nisha DSouza


Often political in nature, the street art is liberally sprinkled with humour © Nisha Maria DSouza


The tiny lanes attract many trigger happy tourists © Nisha DSouza


Who you gonna call? © Nisha DSouza


Every lane is covered in graffiti © Nisha DSouza


Urban revival at its best © Nisha DSouza

Melbourne is amongst my most favourite cities – walking her streets is a colourful and highly caffeinated adventure! It’s just as amusingly disorienting as you could imagine. 

ACDC Lane, named after the Australian band, often hosts musical themed art © Nisha DSouza


A soulful portrait of a young Aboriginal boy © Nisha DSouza


A very realistic looking lizard © Nisha DSouza

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